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Implementation of Typescript-based React Library

“Contributing to the Applications gives me a sense of purpose and value.” This document explains how to integrate the Design Library into a React application using Bitbucket as the package hosting platform. The integration process consists of creating new components in the UI library, setting up a deployment pipeline, consuming the design library, and updating …

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Typescript-based React Library Setup

How to create a TypeScript-based React library Web development is constantly evolving, and TypeScript and React are two technologies that offer agility and precision. In this article, we will explore how to set up a TypeScript-based React library from scratch. Let’s set a project or for default settings

Why UI Library?

A UI library is a valuable asset for software development projects. It consists of pre-designed, reusable components and patterns that improve the consistency, efficiency, and maintainability of user interfaces in different applications. Here’s why creating a UI library is important  There are many benefits of building a UI library, below are the tools used with …

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Designing Consistency: The Unified Approach to UX/UI

Why Unified User Experience? Unified User Experience Design (UXD) is an approach to designing user interfaces and interactions that aims to create a consistent and seamless experience across different platforms and devices. It involves integrating various elements, such as visual design, interaction design, and information architecture, to ensure a cohesive and intuitive user experience. Our …

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